Hair & Body Soaps

Did you realise that our soaps are not just for the body, but great for your hair too. Hair and body soap is great for many reasons:

  • kinder and milder for your hair and skin.
  • lathers well and produces silky suds.
  • rinses well without leaving a residue.
  • hair feels shinier, softer and thicker.
  • if its good enough for your precious body, then why not for your hair.
  • can last longer than regular shampoo if stored well.
  • less plastic/packaging waste,so better for the environment..
It makes so much sense to use a solid soap bar. Our soaps are made using pure plant oils that you recognise and often use on a daily basis, so there are no hidden nasties. The soap can be used on all hair types and is best used no more than twice a week, especially on fine/thin hair.