About us

I started out in 2009 not long after being made redundant and being 8 months pregnant with my second child.  I was watching a programme about how soap is made and I was intrigued.  A few weeks later I was in the kitchen whipping up my first batch. Hmmm... it wasn't the best but i was soooo proud and it was a nice feeling to have made my own soaps as I had always been interested in natural remedies and healthy eating.

My son was born and had terribly dry skin. As he got older it got worse rather than better, so we had regular trips to the doctors for all sorts of steroid creams and bath oils. He was wrapped in gloves and bandages to stop him scratching as it would often bleed. It was distressing to see and I felt helpless.

After lots of late nights and research, I went back into the kitchen and started formulating new and improved soap recipes. I stopped using the products from the GP and was using exclusively my soaps for washing and olive oil from the kitchen cupboard for moisturising his skin.. I never gave it a second thought that my little kitchen soaps could have such a dramatic effect on his skin. The results were remarkable and after just 2 weeks he didn't need to be wrapped in bandages as he was less irritated by his dry skin. As a family we all continued to use the soaps and were really impressed, our skin felt softer, moisturised and we had much clearer complexions.

10 years on and we still love the skin were in. My son has the most perfect skin and you can see no trace of his extreme eczema. Every so often after swimming he'll have a flare up but its nothing we cant manage. I've shared my story to all those that I've met at the many different exhibitions and craft fairs up and down the country and am so proud of what I've accomplished.

I'm even more impressed that I never lost sight of my true goal, which was to create natural skincare that was gentle, pure and simple for my family.

Sabrina X