I have sensitive skin, are  your products safe to use?

Yes, our soaps are made using pure plant oils. We do a range of scented soaps made using essential oils and unscented variety(no essential oils added)  which has powdered goat milk which is very moisturising and compatible with sensitive skin types.


 How soon can I expect to see my skin improve if I use your products?

Our skin is individual to us and will not react the same as others even if in the same family.  I make no medical claims, but if you use our products exclusively for a month along with a balanced diet, drink sufficient water and get adequate rest at night you will be thoroughly impressed with the results. You may see results sooner than this time period, but please be patient . Natural products work in harmony with your body and are not a quick fix like medicated products


The soap is a little softer than normal is it ok to use?

Plant oil based soaps generally are a little softer than store bought soaps which often have tallow (animal fat) along with other ingredients (that i can't pronounce and wouldn't want to knowingly use). There are many oils such as olive oil and coconut oil (of which we use both) that help to harden a soap bar. Each soap maker will have their individual recipe unique to them in an attempt to maximise the properties of the oils they are using. This will sometimes result in a softer soap than if just one oil such as coconut were used. Due to this we recommend that after using our soaps, keep them out of water. A soap dish with holes underneath works well so the air can circulate and keep it firm for your next use. This can be tricky with little kiddies, but they'll soon get the hang of it.


If you have any more questions please feel free to email me personally at info@thesoapdeli.co.uk 


Sabrina x