About our soaps

Our soaps are made using the cold process method.  When oils are mixed with an alkali (lye) a process called saponification takes place. Oils are composed of fatty acids which require a certain amount of an alkali to saponify them or change them into soap. This is a crucial part of soap making and when formulated correctly and professionally, there is No lye left in the finished soap. Ironically soap cannot be made without lye and yet when soap is cured there is no lye left in it. Yes read it again. 

All of our soaps contain cold processed virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, unrefined shea butter and virgin olive oil. Aromatherapy quality essentials oils are used for scent and properties . We like to use fresh/dried herbs along with natural plant colours and clays to decorate our soaps. 

As an added extra, we super-fat our soaps which means that some oils or fats remain unconverted by the lye. As the oil /fat remains in its original form it provides an invisible, protective and conditioning layer on the skin. The purpose of super-fatting the soap is to give it a moisturising quality, making it milder for the skin.